Car dealerships already had the ability to retarget visitors to their websites or applications via automotive inventory ads on Facebook and, starting Friday, those ads can do a lot more.

Automotive inventory ads can now be used to target prospective car shoppers based on their visits to other pages, websites and apps from auto brands or dealers. This capability is available globally via Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook said in a blog post that 63 percent of car buyers discover new vehicles online, citing a study by Accenture that was commissioned by the social network.

The social network explained how the new functionality for automotive inventory ads works: If someone is researching and comparing vehicles across the sites of several automakers and auto dealers, dealers can upload their inventories, complete with details including make, model, year and location.

Facebook then automatically generates tailored ads that show the most relevant vehicles to those car shoppers, even if they have not visited the website or Facebook page of the dealer running the campaign.